Who volunteers at New Life? Lil likes all our classes.

black and whiteA hospital worker from Manchester, England, Lil has been traveling since last May.   She was in Malaysia when she logged on to helpx (Help Exchange) to see where her next stop might be.  Even though it was most distant from her present location, she chose New Life Foundation because it’s “up North in the pretty part of Thailand.”  She also liked that classes in mindfulness, meditation and yoga were offered for volunteers–yoga often twice a day.

“I really do like how well it is organized and all the classes that volunteers can take part in,” Lil says.  She finds this very different from volunteer stints on Australian farms where all she did was, well, farm.  At New Life, Lil has worked in the sustainable garden and attended classes in meditation and t’ai chi.

What would Lil say to someone thinking about volunteering at New Life?

“This is somewhere you can relax, meet nice people, learn skills and do interesting work.  I would say come, definitely come.”

–Many thanks to one of our volunteers for this guest post

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