We Are Udderly Excited About Our New Milking Facility!

Rosie, CowNew Zealander Barry Walls, who owns a steel frame manufacturing business in Belgium, has been helping New Life almost since we opened. In 2012, he donated the rice huller that allows us to process our homegrown jasmine rice into the healthy brown rice that supplies our kitchen. For years Barry has also paid for the maintenance and fuel for our tractor.  Considering the size of the tires and the workhorse engine, this is not an insignificant amount of money each month.

Now Barry is helping us again: this time with  milk.  Earlier this year we were able to buy two heifers using with funds that were raised in our “Cow Now” promotion and walk.   Neither cow is yet capable of giving milk because Blossom is pregnant with her very first calf and the other, Betty, is a growing 6 month old calf.  After Blossom’s baby is born in mid-June, she will start giving us milk twice a day.  And thanks To Barry we will be able to process milk for fresh cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. …. Yes, we said ice cream!

Barry is completely funding a 2-sided building with milking and sterile dairy processing. It will also provide a stall area for veterinary checkups and to keep the newborn calf warm and cozy during her first days of life.  The facility will be constructed in an adjoining area to the cow’s current fenced in home.

Thank you for your generosity Barry!  Why not come enjoy some ice cream with us? We promise to make your favorite flavor.

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