Want to volunteer in Thailand?

New Life Foundation is a non-profit therapeutic practice center in northern Thailand. We offer a supportive learning space for individuals looking for help with anxiety, depression, addiction, burnout or just looking to grow.

In addition to offering a therapeutic environment, we practice sustainability through agriculture, earth building, recycling and local community involvement. Outside of your working hours, you will have opportunities to join various activities or go on excursions in the surrounding area.

Why Volunteer at New Life?

Our foundation is set in beautiful Northern Thailand. As a volunteer, you will be asked to work for two 2-hour shifts a day. Jobs include fruit picking and other agricultural tasks, taking care of our cows and ducks, kitchen shifts, earth building; recycling and more. Your preferences are taken into account so you can choose to contribute where you work best. On Fridays you will have just one shift with an additional short shift on Saturday or Sunday, so you can have a relaxing weekend. We have many activities every day you can join in on. 



We offer meditations twice a day. You will be able to choose to attend silent meditations, guided meditations or both. You will have the oppurtunity to meet with our meditation teachers 1 on 1 to ask any questions you might have about meditation or Dharma.

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At New Life you can choose to start your day with yoga, practice in the afternoon, or both. Our experienced instructors plan lessons suitable for all levels, so whether you’re an experienced yogi or just starting out, you’ll fit right in. Classes range in a variety of styles.

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Evening Activities

We offer free evening activities every day, ranging from movie nights and dances to community members life stories and support groups. Examples include Public Speaking group, Refuge Recovery, Mens/Womens groups and more.

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You will have plenty of off-time to enjoy a walk around the lake, read by the pool, play ping-pong or board games. On the weekends, we often have excursions to nearby temples, markets and waterfalls.

How Much Does It Cost?

Being a nonprofit, we do require a small fee for your stay. This rate covers your private room; 3 meals a day; access to all activities such as yoga, meditation, support groups and dances; access to our pool, sauna and steam bath – and much more.

Nightly Rates

  • 14 nights or longer650 THB (≈ $20/€16 / £15)

    We advise volunteers to stay at least 14 nights

  • Less than 14 nights800 THB (≈ $25/€20.5 / £18)

    If you are not able to stay 14 nights or longer