Visit to Houy Kaew waterfall, Akha villages and Pha Sert Hot Spa

Houy Keaw WaterfallThe community went on one of their regular Sunday excursions on Sunday 22 January, and had a local Akha hilltribe person as their guide. The community were transported up into the hilltribe area in a pickup van, and enjoyed viewing the scenery en-route. The visit covered a fairly strenuous uphill trek passing one small waterfall and then the main larger waterfall which was more picturesque.  There was walking and scrambling over rocks and boulders in our trek – all improving our cardiovascular systems.

Several stops on the way including one to buy drinks and local handicraft made the trek even more enjoyable.  Towards the end of the trek we were offered some sticky rice, pork stew and sunflower seeds to sustain us by the Akha village people.

Akha VillageThe day finished off with a visit to Pha Sert Hot Spa where we were able to relax in the water from the hotsprings.

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