Unique Experience

Would you like to introduce yourself?

RyanMy name is Ryan, I’m 34 years old and I’m here with my wife Trish. We are here as part of a volunteer honeymoon trip around the world. Before quitting my job to travel, I worked for a small community bank in California.

What is the reason you are here at New Life?

The New Life volunteer opportunity provides a chance to experience Thai culture and meet other travelers like myself.

How did you find out about New Life?

We found New Life through the Help Exchange website, which pairs up individuals looking for unique experiences and organizations like New Life, which needs volunteers.

What is your most memorable and enjoyable moment in New Life?

The group jam (music) session at the Forest Listening Hall.

What kind of work do you do as a volunteer?

I’m helping to create a nature path around the lake.

Were there difficulties or challenges you encountered?

It’s really hot during the days but the swimming-pool helps a lot, that’s good.

How would you sum up your experience at New Life for future volunteers?

A rewarding experience where I got to work hard, play a lot and make many new friends.

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