Understanding Fear

Understanding FearAngus Finlayson, is a contributor to the New Life Foundation knowledge base. He has many years experience of helping people to come to terms with life’s problems.

One such problem that many people face is ‘fear’, which can manifest itself in many different forms. In order to help people better understand fear Angus has published an e-book , and he has given us permission to give our readers access to this book

Understanding Fear

The fear of failure is probably the single most debilitating factor, holding people back from achieving their full potential.

Fear of failure is one of the most prevalent fears, nearly everyone I speak to about this has a tale to tell about how the fear of failure has been a factor in their life at some point.

Others have expressed that an underlying fear of failure, has subconsciously undermined their efforts to move forward for fear of a bigger failure further down the road.

This fear can be demoralising, demotivating and cause us to feel ‘stuck’, this is because we know we should be moving in a certain direction but fear has kicked in and is causing an obstacle.

If this fear is strong enough we eventually give in to its nature, and often go as far as making excuses for why we didn’t follow through with a certain aspect of our life.

Excuses like…

“Well, it wasn’t the right time for me”

“It was more hassle than it was worth”

“I’m not sure I was cut out for that”

“I’m better off where I am at the moment”

Sound familiar?”


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