The Really Important Stuff

FoodYep, time to talk about what matters most – food.

Here at New Life the food is super healthy and tasty.  We start the day with a choice of Thai breakfast or Western–fresh fruit, homemade yogurt and oatmeal or muesli.  Lunch and dinner are usually stir-fried Thai, hot spices toned down for tender Western palates but feel free add pepper if you like fire. There are meat and vegetarian options at every meal.

The New Life kitchen used to have a large freezer but it wasn’t used except for storing oversized pots and pans.  That’s because our food is purchased fresh at the market every morning or picked from our own sustainable garden.

We have a professional Thai cook Monday through Friday.  She’s sorely missed when she leaves for the weekend and we have to fend for ourselves. Usually a small group gets together to make a barbecue.  One weekend, we made our own bread which was a treat since we don’t have bread here.

One of the cardinal rules of the community is that everyone–volunteers and residents–must work at least one meal in the kitchen every week.  Since our meals include lots of fresh vegetables, this duty includes chopping and more chopping. While everyone washes his/her own dishes, the people on kitchen duty wash the pots and pans and clean the dining room after the meal.

Like everything here, feeding ourselves is a community project, and we strive to make our meals nourishing in all ways.

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