The Power of Gratitude

What is gratitude?

To be thankful or grateful for the benefits received from a benefactor. An affirmation of goodness. Example: Expressing appreciation toward one’s parents through positive words or actions is a display of gratitude for one’s existence, nurturing, or support.

In the following video, Brother David Steindl-Rast suggests happiness is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you’re going, and above all, being grateful.

Benefits of Gratitude

Prominent psychology professor Dr. Robert Emmons has been conducting studies of gratitude within the realm of positive psychology. The studies suggest that people practicing gratitude on a regular basis display higher levels of general well-being. This is very useful in terms of recovery. The following benefits have been tested and reported:

  • lower levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • more satisfaction in relationships
  • feeling in control of one’s life
  • leads to more personal growth
  • increased self acceptance and sense of purpose
  • better coping strategies with difficult experiences
  • more able to seek out support, and plan ahead
  • less likely to avoid or deny problems

There are many benefits of gratitude and this short heartwarming experiment in the science of happiness shows us the real life benefits of expressing our gratitude to other people…

Coming up in part 2 – the practice of gratitude.

Stay tuned!

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