The man in the green t-shirt.

Ciaran, Green TeamCiaran often wears green t-shirts.  Being from Ireland, he naturally has a lot of green.  And it’s very appropriate here at New Life Foundation because he’s the head of our Green Team.

“The Green Team’s job is to ensure the Foundation is as eco-friendly as we can possibly be,” he says.

Outside the kitchen door, we have a bin line-up for separating raw and cooked food, recyclables and other waste.

Every morning the Green Team loads the bins on a cart and rolls them to their destinations.  First stop –  feed the chickens.  “They love rice and porridge,” says Ciaran.  At New Life, we don’t kill or eat our chickens.  Their only job is to turn leftovers into great stuff for the compost pile, and to give us eggs. The chickens recognize Ciaran as their benefactor and get all clucky, glad to see him.

Raw food goes into the compost.  Recyclables are stored until carried to the facility.  Bins are thoroughly cleaned to get rid of bacteria.

The Green Team also takes care of pest control, using bleach to disinfect and kill ants, bacteria and other invaders.

“I didn’t come here planning to be a garbage man,” Ciaran says.  “But, when I saw what the Foundation was doing for the environment, I wanted to get involved.”

If you visit New Life, you’ll recognize Cairan.  He’s the one in the green t-shirt.



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