The Lost Blue-Eyed Boy

blue-eyed-boy-New-LifeA wonderfully poetic guest post from New Life volunteer Joana – you can also follow her at her blog, Scars Along The Way!

When he comes into the room, he lights it up with his smile and his eyes hide the innocence of a child. Nice and frightened: a lost boy!

One more in New Life, in this protected world where we all find someone to understand us.

Confused… What comes after this? No one knows, the uncertainty of the future is constant in life.

He walks around smiling, showing his happy mask to everyone. However his eyes don’t lie and when they become red with the sound of a song they show the huge soul that he has inside, tired of so many years suffering in hiding, putting on the play of happiness while waiting from applause from the audience. That play has hurt him, has brought him all the pain that he now carries in him.

But change happens every single second and he now realises that it’s time to alter things, let go of the mask, end the fake play of life, let all the pain out until the only thing that is left is his pure self, his true core, his clean soul.

Deeply unaware of the beautiful self he has within him, he hides behind the guitar while singing what his heart feels. In that moment, the guitar is a shield and he shows himself for what he truly is. Observant eyes that watch him from afar can witness the great sensibility that is in him, when the music takes over him, his eyes sparkle, he’s not afraid. His being reflects the image of a sad past hoping for a happy future.

Lost boy, breathe, take a really deep breath and let go of it all. Believe me, you have already been found, you’re no longer lost. You have a lot to give to those that cross your path; cherish that. Cry, smile, sing, dance, run, sleep, talk, breath and above all live.

Lost boy you will find yourself!

And he did, Lost Boy is no longer a lost boy. He is leaving us today, he’s on a new path, on pursuit of his dreams, on the road to a new life.


  1. Thank you Kathleen for your kind words! Being at New Life has brought out the best in me, this is indeed a magnificent place and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be here in contact with so many amazing souls!

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