dance retreat

DANCEmandala Ecstatic Feet Retreat

with Areerat K. Tri-siddha, 19-21 August, 2016. This retreat is for anyone interested in finding out more about DANCEmandala. Attending the weekend will give you an opportunity to learn about the DANCEmandala ‘Body Pathway Map’ that guides your deeper journey into this movement meditation. Moving mindfully through our body map, we create greater awareness of our true self. The goal is to express ourselves without any judgments; to find joy in simply moving our body and surrendering ourselves to the dance; to immerse in the moment of freedom from any limited beliefs.

Dance Mandala

Dance Mandala Workshop

New Life Foundation recently hosted the teacher and students of a very special movement meditation called DANCEmandala. The dancers were here for a four-day training workshop and for two of those days, the workshop was opened up to the New Life community.