Volunteer assistance and sustainable farming helps keep the costs of New Life Foundation low, but your donations are vital to help us provide an affordable recovery program. If you would like to support our work, you can make a donation to help us cover our general operational costs, support fundraising events, or contribute to our Scholarship Fund.

The Scholarship Fund

Our founder Johan Hansen’s vision for New Life was to provide a safe space to recover for anyone in need of help. Johan wanted to offer the program completely free of charge, or to make it as affordable as possible. By making a donation, you can help us continue the inspiring work that he started.

As a direct result of our supporters’ generosity, we were able to give out 28 scholarships in 2015 to people suffering from addiction, abuse, trauma and depression. Scholarship recipients are often individuals who lack a support network and who are in severe distress and in difficult financial circumstances. Unfortunately, this is something which is all too common among those with a history of emotional struggles and substance abuse.

We need around 900,000 baht (around $USD 25,000) a year in order to offer three full scholarships per month. The average length of scholarships is 3 months. The demand for scholarships far exceeds our resources, so your support is vital for helping us sustain our initiative.

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When making a donation, please include a reference (e.g. general donation/fundraising event/scholarship fund/name/contact details) so that we can allocate your donation to the right fund.

It is possible to make a donation using TransferWise or PayPal. Under limited circumstances we may accept direct bank transfers or donations in cash. Please inquire beforehand.

TransferWise requires you to create a TransferWise account but is simple to use and their international transaction fees are extremely low. We recommend TransferWise as our preferred way of payment. How to donate with TransferWise.

PayPal does not require you to have or create a PayPal account (you just need your debit or credit card) and is also quite simple to use. Click here to donate with PayPal.