Sunday’s Jungle Trek Offers “Luxury” Prizes

1st PrizeOn Sunday, New Lifers will run, jog and/or walk a 10km trail through the steamy Thai jungle to raise money for Naha, a physically and mentally handicapped woman living in squalor in a hill tribe village.  While the goal is to raise 100,000 baht to build Naha a new sanitary home, the participants are also eligible for some rewards of their own.

As you know, we live simply at New Life to be kind to ourselves and our planet.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t all appreciate a few luxuries.  The person who raises the most money for Naha will have his/her choice of the prizes below.  In order of money raised, the next four winners will also choose.  So which goodies do you think the winner will choose?

1.  Breakfast in bed

A special treat prepared by our resident breakfast chef Kees.

2.  Thai massage by Rika

Rika, a member of office staff, is specially trained in Thai massage and can relieve every kink in a tired body.

3.  No kitchen duty for a week.

We recognize it’s our job to work together to feed our bodies healthy meals.  But sometimes it’s nice to put the chopping knife down and take a break.

4.  2 days off

No community or personal work.  Just free days to lounge by the pool or go to a movie in town.

5.  1 day off

Ditto above.

6.   Candlelight dinner for 2

Sarah is a cooking show aficionado and a gourmet chef in her own right.  She’ll be working with Kathleen to prepare an unforgettable meal.  Romance anyone?

7.  Room cleaning top to bottom.

We’re now using natural soap, so imagine a sweet-smelling, spic-and-span room.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to that?

8.  Reiki with Merynel

Here’s your chance to absorb some healing energy and achieve your equilibrium.

9.  Chocolate Mousse for 4

Jan, also a member of the office staff, is our Mousse Master.  He’ll whip up (literally) true chocolate velvet.

If you’d like to help us give Naha a life with dignity, you can donate through Pay Pal or by credit card (in Thai Baht) by sponsoring your friend or family member at our fundraising page at Simply Giving. The proceeds of your support will immediately be sent to the New Life and used entirely to fund the New Life for Naha Project.  And you’ll help the person you donate through to win one of these great prizes.

*Note: any extra funds raised will be used to fund further work in Naha’s village but if you would prefer your donation to be reserved solely for this project, please indicate this in the comments section when you make your donation.

Thanks for your support and check back to see who wins.


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