Straw Mushroom Cultivation

Straw Mushroom CultivationWe’ve been diversifying our agricultural projects here at New Life with straw mushroom cultivation. Straw mushrooms are nutritious, inexpensive, and easy to grow, and have a low impact on the environment.

We began by gathering together a large plastic basket, a feeding ground (comprised of saw dust, efficient microbes solution, and chlorine free water), water hyacinth, spawn mix (spawn, wheat flour, and rice bran), a plastic sheet, a bamboo basket, and some tools (thermometer, watering can, chopping board, wooden hammer, knife, cutter, and cloth bag).

In each basket we arranged 3 layers: a top layer of feeding ground, a layer of hyacinth, and a layer of spawn mix. In order to house the baskets we built a new mushroom hut, across from our current oyster mushroom hut. Unlike the oyster mushroom house, which is designed to keep light out, the straw mushroom hut has clear plastic walls to let light in. In straw mushroom cultivation, temperature and condensation must be managed carefully for an optimal harvest. Each basket is expected to produce one kg of straw mushrooms and be ready for harvest after eight days. We’re looking forward to adding them to our delicious vegetarian menu (tom kha, anyone?) Stay tuned for more updates on our straw mushroom project!




  1. how can we grow straw Mushroom like picture that you take in
    and how long that we haves and how many Kg that we will got ?

    please send document to me

    Thank for you support me .

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