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Before they’ll reach out for help, people suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism and depression often have to hit bottom. By then, they can’t afford any kind of recovery program, even one as inexpensive as ours. For too many, there’s nowhere else to turn. Except to you.

 As little as $5 a month will help.

 New Life is not for profit.  Volunteer assistance and sustainable farming keep the cost of our high-quality recovery very affordable.  In other words, we can make a lot go a long way.  Even a small monthly contribution ($5 to $100 US) can help.  When combined with contributions from others, it could pay for several needy residents from around the globe to recover from addiction and depression.

Sponsorship recipients will be selected by the New Life team, based on financial need and commitment to recovery.

Donate now at our website.

It’s easy to make a contribution to our sponsorship fund through PayPal. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

We appreciate your support.  Together we can help alleviate suffering.

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