Going it Alone – Our New Solitary Retreat Hut Project

meditation-hutHere at New Life, mindfulness meditation is our core daily practice and the cornerstone of our recovery community. We begin each day with a group morning meditation and community members have the opportunity to attend afternoon and evening group sits as well. We also offer several extended silent retreats throughout the year where participants spend days in quiet introspection within community. The beautiful setting of the Foundation offers a serene and contemplative landscape in which to immerse oneself in quiet solitude, with teak and bamboo forests to wander through providing a calm and soothing atmosphere.

pastedgraphic-1With our beautiful landscape as an inspiration, we have a new goal for the future! To offer solitary retreats here at New Life. We believe that time spent in solitude allows us to meet ourselves in the most complete way, and our dream is to build private meditation huts in our forests that will provide a container for meditation, rest, and self-reflection. The huts would be equipped with a sleeping area, hot shower and a toilet. All meals would be prepared by our dining staff and delivered to a drop off point near the huts.

Support in many forms would be provided by our resident meditation teacher. Prior to the retreat, they could assist the retreatant in various meditation methods and help them set up a personal schedule, if they need it.

We hope you are as excited about our new venture as we are. We will announce updates to this exciting project via social media and our newsletter. We have calculated that 1 hut will cost 75,000 THB (2,000 Euro) to build. Donations would be greatly appreciated to help us further this dream. In mid December we will start a fundraising campaign to gather the necessary capital to kickstart this project. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to support this project or if you’d like to know more.

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