Our Unique Self Improvement Program

Sunrise, YogaThe unique self improvement program we offer at New Life is designed to provide you with a wide variety of tools to foster inner growth. We develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world, and our relationship with those around us. Our supportive community provides the best possible environment for healing body and mind: mindfulness practice, which forms the heart of our recovery program, personal work and counselling sessions with professional life coaches, sustainable agriculture, as well as a choice of many different types of group and individual activities.

Meditation and Mindfulness

At New Life we teach a blend of guided and silent meditation sessions, during which you will get acquainted with breathing meditation, listening meditation, walking meditation, forgiveness meditation, meditation on compassion, loving kindness and equanimity. Meditation allows us to observe our thoughts. We can feel our emotions fully without having to turn them into a whole story. Thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings are just feelings. Urges are just urges, nothing more. We also learn to relate to ourselves with kindness and acceptance as opposed to getting stuck in fear and self-loathing.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is an essential aspect of our healing and mindfulness program and helps us fulfill our goal of being an environmentally-friendly, self-sustaining community. We grow our own rice, corn, vegetables and fruit using organic and bio-intensive gardening techniques. Organic farming allows us to mindfully get back into our bodies and reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures that reconnecting with nature can provide. At New Life, we also try to remain in harmony with our environment through natural building. We make adobe bricks from our own soil, water and rice husks. We have already finished a meditation hall in the forest as well as several mud huts.

Life Coaching

Our professional life coaches hail from a variety of different backgrounds, offering a wide range of therapies for doing one-on-one and group counselling work. Samina offers Transpersonal counselling, Nick is an Addictions therapist, Adam is a certified Hakomi master, Kade and Tom specialise in Enneagram, and Kim has a strong Psychotherapy background. Ani Könchog Lhamo is an EMDR therapist. There is an approach to suit everyone.

Movement and Dance

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong form a core part of our program. In recent months we have been adding regular Biodanza and Dance mandala sessions to our schedule, offered by volunteers and visiting dance teachers. These activities help us to relax, connect with our bodies, restore inner balance, and unleash our creativity. Our minds and bodies, ever-interconnected, become strong, determined and healthy, giving us the energy to pursue and accomplish our goals in life.

Workshops and Support Groups

At New Life we also offer a range of workshops and support groups to suit everyone’s needs and desired areas of self improvement and growth. We continue to offer classes in ‘Compassionate Sharing’, ‘Creative Living’, ‘Emotional Awareness’, and ‘Relapse Prevention’. New workshops being facilitated by our life coaches include ‘Letting Go Of Resentments’, ‘The Power Of Our Story’, and ‘Freedom From The Prison Of the Self’. Support groups include 12-Steps, Buddhist Recovery Sit-And-Share, the Stop Smoking support group, and the Social Anxiety support group.

If you’re interested in joining New Life’s self improvement program, check out our website for more info or feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions!


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