Self Development Retreats: Part Three – Insight Dialogue

Self Development Retreats: Insight Dialogue – Tomoko’s Experience

retreat, Forest HallJoining the Insight Dialogue meditation retreat was the one of the best things I’ve done here at New Life Foundation.  It brought me so much insight and internal peace.  I’ve learned to be kind to myself and to have compassion to myself as well as to the others. The environment of the retreat was perfect for us to be quiet and to dwell on our own inner feelings rather than getting distracted by outside stimulus, which usually happens in our everyday life.

I joined the retreat not knowing that we would actually be having some dialogue with other people during the silent retreat.  It was very different from the usual silent retreat, and yet it was one of the most profound retreats that I have done. 

Before joining this retreat, when my mind wondered off during the meditation, which happened very often, I had a tendency to give myself a hard time.  But through this retreat, I learned to “POSE, RELAX, and ACCEPT”.  I now can sit with ease accepting what is, without judging.  This change of attitude towards meditation and life in general is a huge thing for me.

 I will always remember the teachings I’ve learned through this retreat.  
Sukhacitto Bikkhu told us many times, “Listen carefully and speak the truth”.   I will do my best to be mindful in my everyday life.  Also, one important thing I’ve learned is to ‘pause and relax’. He taught us the importance of taking the time to pause and relax, and to accept.  The words, “Relax heals, pause reveals”, will stay in my mind forever. 

I am really grateful that I  joined this retreat.  I really would like to thank our meditation leader Sukhacitto, New life Foundation, and the other co-meditators who shared this wonderful experience with me.

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For more details see the Retreats page of the website or email retreats[at]

* Many thanks to Tomoko for sharing her experience and for this guest post

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