Sabine Harth joins New Life as Volunteer Life Coach

Sabine Harth, life coach, New LifeSabine Harth joined the New Life team as a Volunteer Life Coach mid 2015.

Blessed with a lifelong interest in personal growth, Sabine is inspired and intrigued by the personal connections between mind, body and spirit, leading her to seek a method of treatment that takes in the whole person. Born in Cologne, Germany, Sabine moved to the tropical haven of Far North Queensland 27 years ago. She was drawn to behaviour science by a difficult experience with a friend’s death, which led her on a personal and professional quest for meaning. She’s long held an interest in holistic health and the concept of a higher purpose for humanity, and aims to bring the two together in her practice.

After completing a counselling qualification Sabine took up contracts with EAP, a programme available at many workplaces which offers professional counselling and critical incident services to employees. Through her work with the Tully Support Centre, she was part of the disaster response team that provided help for victims of Cyclone Yasi, one of the most severe storms to hit Australia in the last thirty years. She also provided telephone support at Australia’s largest free, anonymous crisis support service LifeLine.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Sabine started her own practice focusing on Person Centered, Gestalt Therapy, CBT, Motivational Interview and Solutions Therapy, which led her to work with natural therapists and further explore the value of alternative health to traditional psychotherapeutic practice. She also worked as an in-house counsellor for an employment agency, a role which involved supporting not only jobseekers but also staff in their roles. More recently she has been involved in child protection and drug and alcohol recovery at a community support centre in the Atherton Tablelands, a role that involves both counselling and social-work skills. It was while working here that she discovered the therapeutic uses of drumming, which would lead her to become a Drumbeat facilitator. She has also volunteered her services to the Standby Response Team at Uniting Care Community, providing on-the-spot suicide invervention assistance.

Sabine had been considering joining a holistic self-development community for some time when the opportunity to work at New Life arrived. She came upon the Foundation through a friend who had been a resident and was obviously impressed with the community. Sabine is concerned with consciousness-raising as a way to improve our global community as a whole, and is interested in the ability to access the mind through the body, which she hopes to demonstrate in part through her drumming workshops, which encourage both self-knowledge and embracing a sense of fun through connecting with personal rhythm. She looks forward to being part of the ripple effect that leads to new possibilities of being.

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