Resilience: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

with Mike Zeglarski, 23 February 2018

We are story-making machines: it is our nature to have a story about everything that happens around us. What most people don’t realize, however, is that we are not at the mercy of our stories: we’ve created them, so we can change them.

In this full-day workshop, we will practice a variety of simple mindfulness exercises to enhance our awareness of thought habits that cause harmful stress in our lives, learn the difference between harmful and beneficial stress in our lives and identify unfortunate self-talk that brings harmful stress into our experience.

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Radical Aliveness: Personal Growth Laboratory With Embodied Mindfulness Retreat

with Michael Amster, February 26-28

What does it mean to you to be radically alive? Is it a quality? A felt sense experience? Is it dependent upon what you are doing or who you are with? Is it based upon beliefs you have created about yourself? Is your sense of aliveness linked to your past and the stories you create about it? Is your sense of aliveness dependent upon your hopes and dreams for the future?

During this exploratory three-day retreat, we will dive into the exploration of what it means to be radically alive. The retreat will be a laboratory, a safe place to experiment and to grow yourself. You will have the opportunity to learn deep insights about yourself and nurture yourself in profound new ways. Together we will practice various sensory awareness experiments to help you gain a new orientation of being alive and present. We will explore the use of the English language from the perspective of the ancient Pali language spoken by the Buddha, and how we can choose to communicate in new ways to awaken our consciousness. We will learn how we make meaning and perceive the world, and how we can empower ourselves to create our own sense of radical aliveness. Most importantly, the retreat will offer a safe place to grow, to nourish yourself, to connect with community, and to have fun. Personal growth can be easy.

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Being Human – A Hungry Ghost Retreat

with Vince Cullen, 9-13 April 2018

‘Being Human’ is an encouragement to lift the veil and break the spell of universal cravings, aversions and confusions that so often manifest as addictions, compulsions; and harmful thinking and behaviors.

This 5-day, non-silent retreat includes a progressive investigation of self-views – through the traditional practices of Loving-kindness and Forgiveness – supporting the letting-go of hatred and ill-will for ourselves and for others. We will learn to incline our minds towards kindness…there is no finer mindfulness!

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