Everyday Nirvana – A Hungry Ghost Retreat

with Vince Cullen, 7 – 11 August, 2017

‘Everyday Nirvana’ is a 5-day intensive residential retreat exploring ‘Buddhist’ practices that support our waking-up from cravings and aversions; that support our healing from addictions and compulsions, that support our recovery from greed and hatred and confusion.

This retreat is an invitation to deepen our understanding of recovery from addictions and compulsions that manifest as Craving, Aversion and Confusion. This mindfulness-based retreat is offered as an opportunity to expand and follow on from the wholly Buddhist approach to recovery as presented in the ‘Being Human’ Hungry Ghost Retreat.

This is not a silent retreat but there will be periods of quietude including one complete day of silence.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a Buddhist to practice, adopt or to adapt any of the principles discussed, and meditation practices explored.

Recovering people of all faiths or none are welcome on this retreat.

The retreat will begin on Monday 7 August, 2017 and end on Friday 11 August, 2017. The language of the retreat is English.

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Release Your Psoas, Release Your Stress – Intro to TRE

with Tammy, 27 August 2017

This intro to TRE workshop is a process of inquiry into understanding different types of stress and trauma, the role of the psoas muscle and how we can learn to heal naturally.

This 4 hour workshop will be a balance of lecture, process, and sharing. It will be a thorough understanding of how trauma is carried in our bodies and TRE as an effective tool to release through tremors. No fitness level required.

During the workshop we will learn about the science of TRE, different types of temoring, grounding and clearing energy and the process of letting go.

The retreat will take place on August 27th 2017 from 10:30 AM with an hour long break for lunch. The workshop will be held in English.

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