Insight Dialogue Weekend Retreats

with Rosalie Dores, 3-5 November AND 1-3 December 2017

Insight Dialogue (ID) is a relational meditation practice, grounded in the wisdom tradition of the buddha-dharma. In ID practice we extend the profound benefits of solitary meditation into being with others. We acknowledge the reality that we are social beings and engage with the complexity of being with others, as a potential path to freedom. We meditate together, recognising and unbinding the relational knots that cause suffering in our lives.

Two retreat weekends will be offered in November and December, addressing different topics: ‘Exploring the Four Noble Truths’ and ‘Engaging the Eight-Fold Path’.

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Winter Dance Festival

Biodanza and DANCEmandala with Katy Bullen and Open Floor with Jo Cobbett, 23-30 November 2017

If you’re looking to explore the power of dance, New Life is the place to be this November.

At New Life, we see dance as a form of meditation; a way of getting in touch with the here and now through observation of the music and how our body responds to it. Join us in an investigation of your inner world through movement over seven days of mind-body creativity, self-acceptance, and compassion. In between dance workshops, participate in our daily yoga and meditation sessions, relax in our pool and steam bath, enjoy nourishing vegetarian meals, and immerse yourself in daily life in a mindful practice community.

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MBSR and Community Living Retreat

with Rosalie Dores, 6-17 November 2017 AND 3-14 December 2017

Our MBSR and Community Living Retreat is perfect if you’d like to take some time for self-care, relaxation, and community life while discovering tools for finding balance in daily life in a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course facilitated by experienced mindfulness teacher Rosalie Dores.

The retreat will support you to take charge of your own well being. You will learn skills and meditation practices that allow you to undertake the work that only you can do for yourself, to consciously and systematically work with your own life challenges, whether that is stress, anxiety, pain, compulsive behaviors, illness, or the demands of everyday life.

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Open Floor Dance Retreat

with Jo Cobbett, 28-30 November 2017

This workshop is a dive into our inner landscape with movement, exercises, and presence. It is about discovering the transformational power of movement through embodiment; the presence inside of vitality.

Open Floor is a mindful inquiry; a place for creative focus and loving attention through movement. It is inclusive and creating transparency, integration, and collaboration. Please join Jo Cobbett she shares her passion for this practice with you. There will be 5 sessions in total: 1 session on the first evening, and 2 sessions per day for the next two days. The duration of each session is three hours.

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Self Compassion and the Portal of the Heart Retreat

with Robert Quinlan and Lynden Stone, 18-21 December 2017

In this three day retreat participants will focus on cultivating self compassion and kindliness as they open to possibilities and directions for the coming year.

The overall intent of the retreat will be to assist participants to work with “third wave” mindfulness based psychologies, which draw on the findings of neuropsychology and evidence based therapies, to set intents for the coming year. Key elements of this will be the importance of compassion, self-kindness and curiosity in reviewing and releasing outmoded patterns that restrict the development of new behaviours, attitudes and understandings.

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Natural Awareness and Wisdom Retreat

with Cheryl Slean, 7-12 January 2018

More than just paying attention, the wise mindfulness practice that uproots and releases patterns of suffering is based on an attitude of friendliness, non-resistance, compassion, and forgiveness, qualities that in themselves are wonderfully beneficial, but can sometimes be hard to find.

In this 5 day, mostly silent retreat, we’ll practice sustained mindfulness emphasizing wise attitude. We’ll learn a relaxed, effective meditation technique that lets go of expectation and turns toward whatever’s happening with curiosity and an attitude of learning. We’ll experiment with reflections and practices that incline our hearts and minds to compassion, goodwill, balance, and forgiveness. We’ll practice continuity of mindfulness through all activities, with periods of sitting and walking meditation, dharma teachings and instructions, interviews and some group work. In the process, we’ll create the conditions for meditative insight and a relaxed, clear and loving mind.

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