Resident and Volunteer Workshops

by Jackson Hart

Workshop, residents, volunteersHere at the New Life Foundation there are a plethora of workshops designed by seasoned life coaches, yoga teachers and Buddhist monks. Classes range from compassionate sharing exercises, creative writing, numerous methods of meditation, and sunrise Tai Chi and Yoga.

However, as a resident or volunteer of New Life you are not just an observer or an attendee. There is no separation between “student” and “teacher” within the community. Each resident or volunteer has the opportunity to create and host their own creative workshops.

In the past weeks alone, residents and volunteers have hosted over ten self-designed workshops.

Kyle hosted a Fire Lantern Decoration workshop, in which participants decorated lanterns for Thailand’s Kratong festival while taking a moment to pay tribute to loved ones that we have lost.

He also hosts the Monday night Men’s Group in which male community members can come together in a safe space to share whatever they are feeling in life, good or bad. There is also a weekly Women’s Circle.

Lachlan hosted another workshop in which we designed origami cranes to attach to our lanterns.

Sabrina offers evening Yoga, and three other residents are currently offer free Reiki sessions on a weekly basis.

The list keeps going and new events are offered to and by the community every week, where we live, learn, create and teach together.

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