Relax in the Steam Bath

lemongrassIf you didn’t think Thailand was hot enough, it can get even hotter. If you haven’t been sweating already, you will be soon. Its not so bad however, when you know you are sweating on purpose. Three times a week we fire up our steam bath for everyone at New Life Foundation to use. It gets loaded up with eucalyptus leaves, lemon grass, and flower petals. Volunteers and residents work on finding that perfect balance of leaves and flowers that create the most soothing experience.

The idea for the steam bath was inspired by the steam bath at Thamkrabok, a buddhist monastery where many of our residents have detoxed from drugs or alcohol. “Its really useful for relaxation; for soothing the muscle and bone aches that addicts get when going through detox,” says Julien Gryp, Director of New Life Foundation. “The sweating helps the body expel toxins and improve blood circulation.”

The choice of plants in the steam bath can help to relieve nasal and sinus congestion and also to open and cleanse the pores of your skin. Its a great way to relax after a run around the lake or a game of football or basketball at the local school.

–Many thanks to one of our volunteers for this guest post


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