Reconnecting with Yoga

flowerWing relocated from Hong Kong to Bangkok for work a couple of months ago, and joined us at New Life for the recent Mindful Yoga Retreat with Kim Roberts. We took the chance to talk to Wing about her practice, the retreat, and what she thought about visiting the foundation!

How long have you been practicing yoga and meditation?

I’ve been practicing yoga for six or seven years. Meditation, I’ve only put it into practice in the last two or three years.

What benefits do you get from practicing?

With yoga, it’s physical…[and also] because I work full-time it helps me focus on other things. After work I can just put myself into something else, get some stress release. The most obvious change with meditation is that I have better skin! I think it’s because with meditation I focus on my body, and our bodies have natural healing powers to rebalance themselves.

What did you like the most about the retreat?

The yoga practice. Kim is so passionate about yoga, and I learned a lot. Although we repeated the postures everyday, she explained a lot of the connections between yoga, breathing, and our body. Although I’ve been practicing for quite a few years, I think in the past I didn’t have the right focus. Outside, when you do the yoga, they put you in very difficult postures, but that is disconnected with ourselves because you’re just working very hard trying to do the posture. But what Kim did was bring back the connection between yoga and myself. So this was really different from what I do outside [the retreat].

What did you find most challenging?

Nothing, I enjoyed it!


[Laughs] The mosquitoes were a bit annoying! But other than that, the program was good, well-scheduled, and the time spent on yoga and meditation just right.

This is your first time at the foundation – what did you think?

I think you guys are doing some very meaningful stuff, and I admire the effort they have put into building this place. It’s not easy. It involves a lot of people, planning, a lot of parts. It’s managed by mainly volunteers, but it’s well-organised and well-managed. So I’m really pleased that this place exists!

–Many thanks to one of our volunteers for this guest post

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