Reading Day Dreams

Karin BodeKarin Bode became a psychologist at the age of 51, she is trained in a method called ‘Guided Affective Imagery Therapy’.

Karin says, “I had first planned to become a psychologist for a business company, but life can lead us in different directions sometimes, and by participating in family therapy sessions I became fascinated by what happens in therapy, and how a person can get into the depths of the soul to really try to find out what is going on”.

Karin was kind enough to volunteer her skills to the New Life Foundation residents and volunteers, and she tells us how the process works. “Daydream Therapy involves getting the persons to relax, and to let them become peaceful. I then give them a subject or a theme to visionalize, for instance a flower. I ask the person to describe the flower, its surroundings, the smell, colour, and anything else that comes to the inner eye. I guide the person into telling me as much about the subject/theme as possible. Usually we start with the flower, but we will develop into more complicated themes as the sessions progress. I’ll start to ask questions to help the visualisation develop. But first of all I have to get to know about the history of the person.  I always try to meet people where they are at the moment in their life situation. This helps me to really work with them through their imagination. If the patient is willing I’ll get them to draw or paint their visualisation.

The motive flower for instance, can symbolise the person‘s personality, although it‘s not as easy as this. If a person imagines a delicate flower it can indicate a very sensitive nature and so on. If people imagine a rose with thorns I will endeavor to find out what this could mean to them, if they see themselves as the rose or the thorns, or what they perceive the thorns to be in their lives. The idea is to get them down into their unconscious, verbalize their feelings, find out about their aspirations and emotions, getting to know what they tend to hide.

A lot of people‘s symptoms and problems come from the pressure they face in our developed world. People are very stressed, they do things they don’t really like, are in jobs they do not like because the important factor is the money – all this eventually has a reflection in the body and mind. If people are in balance then generally they are healthy. Many people find it hard to show anger, indeed are unaware of how much anger they store inside of them. The process then moves on to helping people to deal with their feelings. I am convinced if people can find the way of life that makes them happy, then there would be much less suffering.

I like very much what I see at the New Life Foundation as there are many people here who are actively looking for, and trying to find a way into that new life.


  1. Hi Anne-Marthe,

    ik kreeg de link van Joanneke.
    Wat mooi wat jullie doen! Veel liefs aan de familie (wat een mooie meisjes) en veel plezier en succes met al het mooie dat jullie doen!

    Liefs, Christa

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