Run For Naha: A Man We Don’t Even Know Joins Our Cause

Raul, run for NahaRaul Campos has never been to New Life.  But there’s only one degree of separation.  He’s friends with Tiago Marques, a Portuguese man who volunteered at New Life last year.  Through Tiago’s Facebook page, Raul heard about Naha’s heartbreaking living conditions.

Thirty-five-year-old Naha is severely mentally and physically handicapped.  She lives in a hill tribe village about an hour from the Foundation. Naha’s mother is not able to care for her so Naha spends her life in a tiny, dark wooden shed, just 8 feet by 6 feet, with no furniture and a hole in the middle for her to use as a toilet. She has rarely, if ever, left the immediate vicinity of her hut. Her only respite is to crawl onto the small platform beside her hut for some daylight and fresh air.

New Life residents and volunteers hope to raise 100,000 Thai Baht (about $3500US) to build Naha a new wooden hut with a toilet and shower and a separate bedroom. The new hut will have windows to let in sunlight and a wooden roof to replace the current stiflingly hot corrugated steel roof. It will also have a small ramp so Naha can use her recently donated wheelchair, which currently sits idle because her hut, like others in the village, is on stilts.

New Life plans to provide materials for Naha to begin developing her motor skills and arrange for some physical therapy.  Some of the money raised will be used for Naha’s ongoing support.

Raul was planning on running a marathon in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany.  When he read about Naha, he knew immediately running to help her would make his race much more meaningful.

Raul has created a Simply Giving webpage and, though he’s only begun, he’s already raised 3,500 Baht.  Raul will run on April 21.   You can support his humanitarian effort by making a donation at

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