A Place

Lantern“This is a place. A peaceful place. A place where one can meditate while listening to no other sounds but the singing of our most joyful companions, the birds, or the hypnotizing rain drops, while being guided by very gentle voices. Where one can do yoga and finally breathe in the golden light of the rising or setting sun, with teachers who all bring their own wisdom, even the beginners. Where one can be curious and try new practices such as Tai Chi, Feldenkreis, DANCEmandala; or spread energy out whenever needed. Where one can just take the time to walk around a lake and smile back at Thai villagers, lulled by the drum and bell of a nearby temple. Where one can for once just sit and observe and listen and absorb all the beauty all around. But this is also a challenging place. A place where one may come full of confidence to simply stop for a brief moment on a long journey, to learn some organic farming and then hit the road again, and find oneself suddenly completely caught in a bubble. A bubble away from the world, comforting at times but harming at others, when it brings back to the surface issues one had thought buried for long, to force one to fully confront them. Where one’s light can shine, but only if ceasing to escape the darkness. Luckily this is also a place full of love, given by beautiful people. A place where one can randomly isolate or socialize without being asked anything. A place where one can burst into tears or laughter and always receive a smile back. A place where one’s personal space is always respected, yet where little supportive gestures and hugs are always available. A place where one can be oneself without being judged. A place where we can share silence without discomfort. A place where one can never be really alone and that’s probably better this way. A place where taking a ride in a song-tao [taxi] or playing charades or singing around a fire or even working in the fields become magical moments, full of love and joy and compassion. A place where you get attached to people and are grateful for the – always too few – moments you had the chance to share with them. A place where we constantly learn from each others. Thank you to all of you for making the month I spent here so emotionally dense, so filled with teachings, so much more than what I thought it would be”.

This text drew its inspiration from a song by The Cinematic Orchestra, “That Home”.

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