Our ‘very bossy’ gardener.

Pi-Sang-garden-New-Life-FoundationPi Saeng began working for New Life Foundation right after the land purchase over 2 years ago, though he’d been working the land long before. Pi Saeng and his wife Pi Pen (our chef) live near New Life in the local village of Samarn Mit.

Before there was a New Life Foundation, Pi Saeng lived on the property and managed a garden.

Pi Saeng says he really likes life here. He admits sometimes he’s “a very bossy guy” and is aware this can annoy others. On this front, he makes it plain he does get irritated when people don’t put tools back where they belong (but who doesn’t?).

His biggest concern is that he doesn’t speak English, so the communication gap with many volunteers is difficult to bridge. There have been times when he’s wanted to get to know someone better or just comfort them, but he didn’t have the words. One of his goals is to learn English and New Life is full of willing teachers.

Bossy or not, it’s good for us that someone familiar with the land is caring for it.


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