Our Rice Is Nice

Rice FieldsPlanting time at New Life.

This week volunteers are transplanting baby rice plants into the rice field.  The little plants were started in a corner of the field from rice we grew last year.  Now, at an inch or so tall, they’re ready to be settled into easy-to-harvest rows.

New Life grows two crops of rice a year.  In the wet season, we grow high- quality jasmine rice for our own consumption–more than 4,000 kilos. Since most of the villagers are busy harvesting their own rice and are not available for hire, we harvest by machine.  This rice is stored with the hard outer husks still on to deter insects. Then, as needed, it is processed into white rice.

During the shorter, dry reason, we grow a harder rice that is sold for rice flour and other processed uses.

Soon we hope to have equipment that will allow us to do our own processing.  The big advantage is that we’ll be able to produce healthier brown rice, rather than white.

Want to learn more about growing rice?  Come help us at New Life.


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