Organic Sustainable Farming at New Life

ducks farmCheck out our latest organic sustainable farming project! This week, we welcomed fifty ducks to the New Life family. The ducks came from a small, locally-run farm in Mae Sai, near the Burmese border. Farming ducks will provide us with material for our compost, as well as nutritious, free-range organic eggs.

In our organic farming program at New Life, we believe in growing our food and caring for our animals in an ethical way. We do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides on our vegetables, and our ducks, chickens, geese, and guinea fowl all live free-range. This fits into our philosophy of being mindful of ourselves, our environment, and other living beings. For more information check out our sustainable farming page!

Check out their journey from the duck farm to the New Life Foundation!

We went to pick up the ducks at a small local duck farming business in beautiful Mae Sai, the northernmost district of Chiang Rai. It was about an hour away from the foundation:

This was the setup at the Mae Sai farm. It was clean and spacious, and the ducks looked happy and healthy. The ducks had been raised from ducklings to the age of nine months old.

After a short ride back, they now reside in a newly-built shelter on the banks of the Foundation’s lake, next to our rice fields. It’s much bigger than their old home!

Each duck will lay one egg per day. That’s a lot of healthy organic eggs!


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