One Idea to Help Make a Better World

Ani Könchog LhamoIf I could make one change to the world it would be to introduce education for social intelligence into schooling for children.

Children should be taught to be aware of how they are feeling, so that before they react they think. For instance, before a little boy or girl becomes a bully, they realise they are afraid, and that being afraid can make them want to lash out.

If you start to become aware of your feelings then you don’t need to project them outward to the world. Children should also know that feelings are normal. Sadness, happiness, fear, and anger, all of these are normal feelings.

If we are taught that being human is to have these feelings, and if we are taught to feel them, we do not need to react. We can take in the feelings, and send compassion to ourselves and others with those thoughts. Perhaps then there would no longer be so many negatives in life.

That there might be education for the social as well as the intellect, would in my opinion, be a realisable dream.

Ani Könchog Lhamo

Buddhist Nun in the Tibetan Tradition

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