New Fluffy And Feathered Friends

ducklings, baby ducksBoy, are we excited. Within the last month or so, we’ve had several new additions to the New Life family.

First to arrive was Baby Pepper, who was born to our gorgeous Mama Cow, Blossom. She joins two sisters, Rosa and Bella, both of whom are playful teenagers. It’s an absolute joy to see Pepper bouncing around her paddock, enjoying the grass and sunshine. Our only problem is what to do with all the milk we’re going to have with four cows. Don’t be surprised if you see New Life branching out into the dairy business. Or, we could just eat a lot of ice-cream.

Our experiment with home-produced organic duck eggs has been quite a success, although sadly, we’ve lost quite a few ducks and guinea fowls to hungry neighborhood dogs wandering over onto our farm. To keep our bird friends safe, we constructed a new, dog-proof duck pen and put into place a no-dog policy at the foundation (with the exception of Anubee, the foundation dog).

Calf, baby cow, PepperAlso joining the family are one hundred Khaki Campbell ducklings. They arrived at their new home here on New Life’s farm when just a few days old and are too adorable for words. They have their own little quarters inside the duck pen with some heat lamps set up so they don’t get cold. The ducklings like to peck at toes and camera lenses. When they get a little older they’ll have free run of the rice fields and lake, where there will be plenty of snails, small fish, and other juicy little tidbits for them to snack on.

Huge thanks to the wonderful volunteers who have been taking such great care of our cows and ducks. They must be the happiest farm animals in Thailand.


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