New Earth Building Project

mudbrick, earthen buildingRainy season is almost over! According to the expertise of the local village farmers, the season will finish either one week OR one more thunderstorm from now.

This means only one thing – it’s time to get our hands dirty again with a new earth building project.

Long-term volunteer Zulu from Hungary will be leading the building team in making the adobe mud bricks and carrying out other important preparations, like creating the foundation for the hut. We’re already starting to gather materials like rice husks and clay and the brick-making will take place where the old seaweed farm used to be on one corner of the property. We’ll need 4000 bricks in total. The bricks take around 3 weeks to dry completely, hence the need to wait until the rain finishes. And if it should rain whilst our bricks are drying…mud pie fight!

Once the prep-work is completed, natural building expert Jon Jandai from Pun Pun Center for Self-Reliance will be leading us in building the actual hut itself during the New Life Winter Solstice Festival, which runs 18-22 December later this year.

floor plan, earthen buildingThe festival will also feature meditation and dance mandala in case you get tired of squishing your feet and hands around in the mud (although, really, who could ever tire of that?).

If you’re interested in earthen building, the coming months are a great time to come and visit the foundation and join in the fun, so do get in touch if you have any questions or want to check out our current project (or other natural building projects we’ve already completed).

The hut will most likely be situated in a peaceful location near the lake or in our teak forest. It will be very cosy indeed, consisting of a bedroom, bathroom, and porch, as well as a thatched or teak leaf roof. Additionally, we hear the neighbors – a gaggle of 100 or so quacky brown ducks – are absolutely lovely.


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