Moo Life: The Life of Brian

sustainability organic farmby Reece Thomson

New Life is a place of constant change. We love to welcome new members to our community every day and although it’s sad to say goodbye, we also love to see cherished members leave us and begin their journeys.

We currently have three cows, Blossom, Bella, and Rose. A few weeks ago, we introduced two new baby calves to our cow family. First, lovely Bella gave birth to our first calf, Daisy. Not long afterwards, beautiful Blossom gave birth, too. Daisy now has a little friend to keep her company and after some long discussions, we have finally decided on a name for our youngest calf. What do you guys think of…Mango? We love it and think that it really suits her! Mango and Daisy have adapted well to life here and it has all been very exciting for us. The excitement doesn’t stop there, though. Rose is also pregnant and will be giving birth very soon!

Now, with three pregnant cows, we really needed and wanted someone who had done it all before. We were blessed to have long term volunteer and cow whisperer Brian come back to help us get the two calves get settled into their new home and create a comfortable and secure environment for them. Brian was  previously with us for 14 months and was our cow team leader. He helped build a fun and hard working team and even after he moved on, the team continued to do a spectacular job. Our community would like to give a huge thank you to everyone for their hard work over the past few weeks with the two new arrivals, but especially to Brian. Brian only came back to help out with the cows for a short period of time and as previously mentioned, he has done a stupendous job.

We spoke with Brian recently and he was more than happy to share with us what motivated him to come back to New Life: “I wanted to come back to New Life before I leave Thailand with my partner and of course our baby who is on the way.” He also added, “I was only supposed to be here for a week or so, but I stayed longer because I love working with the cows and I thought it would be a nice way to come back, help out and also see New Life again before I leave”.

Brian and his partner Natalie will be heading back to Brian’s home in Ireland to raise their new baby. Sadly this means that Brian will be leaving us once again. Of course the foundation is very sad to see Brian go but we also are very, very happy for him and proud of how far he has come on his journey. He and Natalie have a wonderful and beautiful new chapter in their life to look forward to and we hope to see Brian and his family in the near future.

The NLF cow team are a huge part in our sustainable living community. They take such good care of the cows on a daily basis and have formed bonds with them very quickly. Because of this, we are able to offer fresh milk to the community members every day and sometimes we’re lucky enough to have cheese or ice cream! Currently, our cow team consists of five members. Each one of them is as hardworking as the next and they are really appreciated around here!

With constant new arrivals the goodbyes get easier and emotions are openly accepted. Brian will have his own little family very soon and the community will be bringing another calf into ours.

sustainability farm organic

sustainability farm organic

sustainability farm organic

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