Mindfully Busy

scheduleOur typical schedule is always packed with lots of activities, classes and workshops for mindfulness, self-discovery, relaxation, and fun. Sometimes we get a nice treat when volunteers come to our community and share a skill they have, like Reiki or massage.

We’ve had everything here from singing bowl meditation to juggling classes to Irish dance. What’s nice is that the schedule changes from day to day so we never get bored. It also means we get to learn and experience many things, depending on who’s part of the community at any given moment.

Special workshops on at the moment include the Buddhist philosophy class offered by Jordan, and Feldenkrais mindful movement sessions offered by Michael. Can you believe we do all this in between working meditation and/or life coaching? So much to do, so little time. Let’s take a deep breath and savour the moment, shall we?

Weekends we usually have dance-offs in the forest hall (also on Wednesday mornings!), although this Saturday evening we will be holding a super awesome amazing talent quest. Strutting of stuff obligatory. New Life Idol!


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