Meet The Team – Rina

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Rina, I’m from South Africa. I was born there. I also did my training as a  social worker there. I worked mostly in child protection.

What is your role here and what does a day look like for you?

I am a life coach here, so after the morning activities, I have individual sessions with clients. Afterwards, we have workshops like process group. Also, we have weekly duties where we are available for emotional support.

What do you do in your free time (hobbies etc)?

That’s a good question because the day here is really structured. I like to make use of all the opportunities available here at New Life, like the meditation. I really enjoy the yoga and TRE, all the options for self-development. I’m also fortunate to be able to do some pottery over the weekend at a local potter’s and I enjoy that very much. That’s more or less all the free time I have.

What led you to New Life?

That is a long story. I think there are two things. The first reason is to revisit my own self-development through being in this space where you’re confronted with yourself, what’s happening with you. That’s the main reason why I’m here. What brought me here is that I happen to know someone who worked here who suggested that I come here. That was a really good decision, even though it was a huge decision, to make such a huge change. So I basically believe I have been brought here because I have some work to do, whatever the word work means here.

What is your favorite part of New Life?

My favorite part is the one on one sessions with the residents, I really like it. It gives me a purpose for being here.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of New Life?

What comes to mind now and what I find the most fascinating at the moment is TRE. I try to do it every day to see what effect it has on myself. I think I’m benefiting a lot from it. And I like the food.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on understanding what mindfulness is and how to really practice it. It’s a new concept for me so I’m reading a lot about it and I’m really curious to see what impact it has on people’s lives and what impact it can have on my life.

What’s it like to live and work here?

It’s challenging for me. It’s getting better. In my life ‘out there’ I’m used to living on my own, me and my cat and my dog. I decided that I now want to open my door to people. So this is quite an adjustment for me. Here you’re always within the community. I enjoy the comfort of a community and experiencing that for the first time. It’s a lovely experience, it’s a beautiful place and an amazing opportunity. I enjoy the opportunity to learn very much.

What would you like to say to anyone considering coming to new life?

I would recommend it to anybody. If you come, come with an open mind. Come with the idea that you come to work on yourself and to look deeply in yourself and find something in there. It’s not neccasarly easy, but it can be useful.

What makes you happy?

That’s an easy one. What really makes me happy on a therapeutic level is working with clay in my hands, working on the wheel.The form that you create is really meditative for me so it makes me happy in the sense of satisfied, calm. That is what happiness is for me.

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