Meditation For Addiction Recovery: Forum At Thamkrabok Monastery

Meditation Forum, FlyerDon’t miss this tradition-spanning event focusing on meditation for addiction, held by Medatio Forum and our good friends at Thamkrabok Monastery.

Thamkrabok Monastery Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, in Phraphuttabat district in Saraburi Province, Thailand, is famous for its detoxification program, which consists of ingesting a herbal medicine and purging the body of toxins accumulated during extended periods of substance abuse. Many of our residents come to us for recovery support after they undergo the detoxification treatment at Thamkrabok. There is a great deal of overlap between Thamkrabok’s monastic principles and New Life Foundation’s own approach to recovery based on Buddhist mindfulness.

Medatio’s roots lie in the life and teaching of the Benedictine monk John Main and in the western monastic wisdom that formed him. Founded in 1991 The World Community for Christian Meditation is now present in 114 countries. The community emphasises a regular twice-daily practice of meditation.

The seminar at Thamkrabok Monastery is titled ‘Sajja: The Vow of Recovery – Christian and Buddhist Perspectives’, and will explore the following theme:

‘What is the role of meditation and the commitment to wholeness by means of a vow in the process of recovery?’

Examining both Christian and Buddhist perspectives on holistic recovery and the tool of meditation for addiction recovery, speakers include Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, the Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, as well as Abbot Phra Ajahn Boonsong, the Abbot of Thamkrabok Monastery.

Other speakers include Dr Vanessa Crawford (Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, UK), Julien Gryp (Director, New Life Foundation), Paul Garrigan (Freelance writer and author of the book ‘Dead Drunk’), Sarah Sowinska (Project Manager for the East-West Support Network), Mike Sarson (Founder of East-West Detox and WCCM, UK Coordinator for Addiction).

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