MBSR and Community Living Retreat

with Rosalie Dores

16-27 October AND 6-17 November 2017 AND 3-14 December 2017 (NEW!)

Our MBSR and Community Living Retreat is perfect if you’d like to take some time for self-care, relaxation, and community life while discovering tools for finding balance in daily life in a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course facilitated by experienced mindfulness teacher Rosalie Dores.

About MBSR

Mindfulness-based stress reduction was devised by Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues over 30 years ago in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is an internationally recognised approach to stress and stress-related illness. It has been successfully employed by practitioners in hospitals, health, business, and educational settings, and in everyday life.

MBSR Retreat Info

The retreat will support you to take charge of your own well being. You will learn skills and meditation practices that allow you to undertake the work that only you can do for yourself, to consciously and systematically work with your own life challenges, whether that is stress, anxiety, pain, compulsive behaviors, illness, or the demands of everyday life.

This is an eight-session course with one full day of practice, offered over a 11-night stay. It is highly experiential and student-centered in approach. Each session will include meditation practices and relevant course themes. Participants will be invited to integrate their learning into daily life. The advantage of undertaking this course at New Life is you will have the support of a mindfulness based community while doing this. The course has been thoroughly researched and is grounded in the wisdom of the meditative traditions.

Outside of course sessions, retreat participants join in our 06.30 morning activity (meditation or yoga), 08.30 morning meeting, and two hours of light community work each day. In the late afternoons and evenings, you are free to choose from a wide range of activities such as dance, body scans, steam bath, movie nights, support groups, men’s and women’s circles, speaker’s meetings, and more.

This retreat is suitable for both new and experienced practitioners.

There are THREE available start dates:

16-27 October

6-17 November

3-14 December (NEW!)

Please specify your preferred start date in your application form.


About Rosalie Dores:

Rosalie Dores, M.A., is a mindfulness teacher, supervisor, and trainer. She teaches mindfulness and Interpersonal Mindfulness courses to the general public in London, and workshops and courses within organizations.

In 2010, she joined the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University as an associate teacher. She supervises teachers for the Mindfulness Network CIC, a not for profit organization, which works closely with Bangor and Exeter Universities. She regularly travels to Europe to train mindfulness teachers. She follows the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers Guidelines for Good Practice.

Rosalie has sustained a meditation and yoga practice since 1992 and is keen to support others in experiencing the benefits of committed practice. She is in training in the US to teach retreats in Insight Dialogue, a relational meditation practice.

Rosalie is actively involved in the meditation community, in study and practice, and regularly attend solitary and interpersonal meditation retreats. She is a life-long student of living well.

For more information please see Rosalie’s website: Optimal Living

You will learn

  • A range of formal meditative practices to support you in developing your capacity to be mindful.
  • A range of informal practices to support you in integrating mindfulness into daily life.
  • How to identify the difference between primary stress (unavoidable stress) and secondary stress (our reactivity to stress), and skills to reduce stress.
  • How to listen to and relate to yourself and your experience with kindness and curiosity.
  • How to increase your ability to relax, improve self-confidence, and to strengthen emotional resilience.

The course includes

  • Eight sessions plus one full day of practice.
  • Instruction in mindfulness meditation and gentle movement meditation.
  • Facilitated dialogue to develop and support understanding and learning.
  • Guidance and support tailored to participants’ individual learning needs.
  • Daily assignments to encourage the integration of mindfulness into daily life and a custom-made home practice guidebook to support learning.
  • Three custom-made guided meditation MP3s to support home practice.

Retreat Information

Arrival and registration will take place from 09.30-15.30 on either Monday 16 October, Monday 6 November, or Sunday 3 December, depending on your chosen course date. Please do not arrive outside of this time.

The first MBSR session will begin the next day. In between sessions, participants will join in the daily activities of the foundation, including the 06.30 morning practice, 08.30 morning meeting, two hours of community work daily, and evening noble silence. The schedule is similar to that of our guest program, with the addition of afternoon workshops. Please note that the morning practice, morning meeting, 2 hours of community work each day, and noble silence are all mandatory. All other activities are optional. Community work may be assigned in the morning before lunch or later in the day after the course session (e.g. dinner shift).

Checkout will take place in the late afternoon on the day the course finishes on either Friday 27 October and Friday 17 November, or in the case of the third retreat, the day after the course ends, on Thursday 14 December.

Places are limited so please sign up immediately so that we can reserve a room for you. For more information, please contact us at info@newlifethaifoundation.com

Please DO NOT send your retreat fee prior to registering with us at the above email address. Kindly send an email first to check room availability.

Please note that New Life is a non-profit organisation. The fee covers only the costs of holding the retreat, including food, electricity, and accommodation. Being a young foundation, we need a lot of support, so additional donations are very welcome! Please help us spread the word and bring some friends.

We are an ovo-lacto vegetarian community. Simple, healthy meals will be served, consisting of breakfast with fruit, eggs, cereal, bread, and yogurt, and Thai-style meals for lunch and dinner. We cannot cater to special diets, but do let us know if have any food allergies.

All rooms come with ensuite bathroom, warm water shower, ceiling fan, sheets, and towels. The number of places available is limited so please register quickly.

Retreat fee

14,450 baht per person, ensuite fan single room.

The retreat fee covers 11 nights’ accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day.

NB: An added cost of 950 baht per person per night applies if you wish to stay at the foundation after the retreat ends. Please check space availability with us at the time of registration. The retreat fee must be paid in full, in advance.

Please notify us of payment details and send a copy of the transfer receipt so that we can complete your registration.

Interested in joining the MBSR course in combination with participating in our guest, resident or volunteer program? Please inquire to find out more about different options and rates.

Location: New Life Foundation

No. 49 Moo 1, Ban Samanmit, Don Sila, Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai, Thailand

The retreat fee does not include transportation to and from the retreat location. There are a number of low-cost carriers within Thailand and the Asia region if you would like to fly to Chiang Rai. Buses are also a good option. Taxis and tuk-tuks that will take you straight to the foundation can be hired at the airport or bus station.

Travel information
Detailed map and directions

Things to bring for your stay

  • comfortable clothing including a light jumper or jacket
  • a refillable water bottle and/or cup or mug
  • mosquito repellent
  • torch
  • umbrella
  • your own toiletries
  • we provide meditation cushions and yoga mats but please feel free to bring your own

We look forward to seeing you.

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