Kees: Finding Harmony In “Being” Through “Doing “?

Kees, volunteerGetting an interview with Kees was like trying to catch raindrops.

A highly energetic 50 something man, originally from Holland, who is known at New Life for being here, there and everywhere. The most commonly asked question about Kees seems to be, “Where is Kees? Has anyone seen Kees?” and the most common answer is “He was just here!”

The man himself would say, “I am just here – Being”.

Kees came to New Life Foundation in October of 2012, seeking greater understanding of himself after a series of difficult and confusing relationships.

After experiencing life at the Foundation in both the volunteer and resident programs, Kees found his niche by immersing himself in “Doing”. Famous at New Life for his excellent bread making skills, Kees organized and led the kitchen team for many months, throwing himself with a passion into every aspect of overseeing the  kitchen team while using a great deal of creative thinking in the process!

Identifying his “passions” has led Kees to realize himself as a long term member of the community; giving himself plenty of space to expand his “Doing” orientated interests. Building with bamboo is another of Kees’s passions and hopefully soon we will be seeing his creations springing up around the Foundation. Bamboo grows rapidly here in Thailand, and New Life has a great deal of this wonderfully versatile plant.

When asked about his experience at new Life, Kees is quick to emphasize that “New Life” is for EVERYONE who is willing to challenge their own personal edges in the pursuit of Inner Harmony”.

**Thank You to Keanu for catching this elusive raindrop**

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