Join the (Dance) Journey with Evgeny

DanceJourney is a dynamic conscious dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body.
It moves us through deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind, and energy.

What is the “journey”?

In modern life, it’s far too easy to stay in our thoughts… but everything in our busy lives is calling us home to our body. Get out of your mind and back into your body.
Freedom, self-expression, grounding, sensuality, release, emotion – these are the gifts that are waiting for you when you come home. To your body. To your senses. To inhabiting every inch of your life. Join the JourneyDance tribe – and discover the journey that only you can make.

During your journey you will:

  • embody through grounding movement, feeling the total surface area of your physical body in contact with the earth.
  • Experience sensual awakening as you unleash animal energies and expand awareness.
  • Enliven funky, playful self and connect with other movers in community.
  • Explore inner realms to express yourself, dive into the ocean of emotion, and tell your story to the dance floor.
  • Empower yourself and each other to liberate old cellular memories and cleanse the body and mind with sweat and breath.
  • Elevate your vibration and embody your hearts.


The Journey Dance will take place Sunday, November 26 at 19:45.

About Evgeny Tsvetkov

Dance facilitator

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Evgeny has worked as a corporate lawyer for more than ten years. Eventually, he got frustrated with his fast-paced life and started to explore spirituality.

In 2012 he came to Thailand, where he studied Buddhism and mediation whilst traveling around the country. After some traveling, Evgeny ended up living at New Life, which was a life-changing experience for him.

In 2014 Evgeny went through his training as a dance facilitator and now has his own way of guiding participants through their own journey in dance.

More about Evgeny’s journey with dance

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