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Claire, LiverpoolOn our blog today we chat with Claire from Liverpool, England. Claire’s been travelling for 12 months, volunteering at various retreats enjoying spending time in spiritual communities and eco-villages and yoga parks. She recently arrived at New Life, where she has been learning and sharing about healing therapies and fitness.

So how did you come across New Life?

I was at a yoga park in Argentina and met a guy there who highly recommended this place and said it was an awesome place to be and I can honestly say I’m not disappointed, it really has been an amazing place so far and I’ve only been here two days so I’m excited.

So Argentina – the travelling, where have you been?

I started off in South America, went to Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina. Then I flew to New Zealand to see friends and family. A short stopover in Australia then Bali and the Philippines and now here.

So you are on a spiritual journey, what does that mean for you?

That means understanding more about life and the truth of who we are and why we are here and everything is energy so it’s really connecting with the universal energy flow and learning more about myself as I go along and meet other people and learn about their journey and share in my experiences and hearing stories of other people and seeing the wonders of nature and the beauty of life.

You said this place was recommended to you but there must have been something specific that hooked your attention, what was that?

Oh yeah, of course, because I’m looking for spiritual communities but I’m also a healer as well. I’ve been studying different healing modalities for the past five years. I started with Reiki, I’ve been looking at cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, another healing therapy called inner dance which is about purifying the body and releasing you from stress and trauma and emotional baggage and really helping people to find joy and happiness and breaking these old patterns that keep people suppressed. So I knew this was a place I was going to learn and I was going to grow and I was also going to be able to share what I know as well with people. And also the website was awesome, the facilities look amazing and they are just as amazing in real life so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for answers in their life or just somewhere to cleanse and detoxify their thoughts and give themselves love.

So this is twofold for your journey, the first is for your growth and the second is to share your gifts with others. What do you hope to learn for yourself here?

Well, every time you help someone you grow because I learn more about how people deal with their emotions and I can see the connections in your emotions and the body and illness. I’ve been working with some cancer patients and understanding how people get sick. I’m looking to, no in fact I am, setting up a centre in England called Soul Fitness. That’s going to be helping people to be fit and healthy in body, mind and spirit because it doesn’t matter if you are physically healthy if your mind or your mental state or emotional state is unhealthy then your body will still become sick and you will still be unhappy. So everything I learn is going to be coming back with me to England to create a spiritual centre and hub for people to grow and heal.

What do you hope to learn on that level from this community and how it works?

Well I’m sure I’m going to meet other healers while I’m here, even just sharing stories and experiences always helps you grow and helps me learn about people and also the environment we are in is a really nice loving space in nature so it’s a good chance for me to gather insights on my journey, write in my journal and do studying and then share the information I’ve learned through healing and see how to benefit other people.

Can you just run me through some of the healing stuff that you do?

Well I really work on the body and I look at it as a body map. It’s telling you everything you need to know about yourself. Every conscious thought or emotion you have ever had is stored in the body and people get a lot of emotional trauma they’ve had when they were younger stored in the body and heaviness, energy stuck in the chakras can block flow and cause all sorts of problems – mental problems, insomnia, depression and people who can’t love or are too attached to material things or are stuck in the ego so I really work on the body and try to understand what the body is holding on to on an energetic level and then I do body release work whether it be using the likes of EFT (emotional freedom technique) reiki, or touch and massage, movement, it really depends on the person I try to read the body and see where the trauma is and needs to be released using my intuition to guide me.

What was your first impression of New Life?

Well I walked in at 8 o’clock in the morning in the middle of the community meeting with a large group of people all smiling at me, beautiful yoga space, gorgeous nature all around and a very clean and well-kept facility so I was really, really happy. The room is really comfortable, the space is lovely and so far the people have been really lovely and welcoming.

You plan to be here for how long?

I plan to be here for four weeks volunteering but I have seven weeks left at the end of my trip so I’m open to the idea that I will probably stay until the end of my journey in Thailand and it will be a perfect end to my trip.


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