Help Design New Life’s Next Earth Building!

MudbrickDear Friends,

Thanks to the tremendous response to our “Song For Space” fundraising event, we’re not only able build a new earthen life coaching building here at the foundation, but also a new recreational area – and we’d love YOUR help designing it!

The purpose of this building will be to give the community a space to be creative, socialise and play games. What this building will have to offer is up to your imagination but we would love to have a place where people can:

  • Socialise in small and large groups
  • Play music
  • Watch movies on a projector
  • Play board games
  • Create art

We imagine a building with 2 rooms so we can accommodate multiple groups of people doing separate activities without interfering with one another. However, a clever design could incorporate a sliding wall so we can convert one large room into two smaller rooms whenever we please.

And of course, since New Life is also a community that prides itself on environmental sustainability, this building will be naturally built from homemade earth bricks, clay mixtures and wood. Our dedicated team of mud brick makers are producing over 3,000 bricks for your disposal.

The only parameter for the design is that the building must be approximately 10 x 6 meters (32 x 19 feet). Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced architect. Your designs can be simple sketches and if you feel you don’t have the artistic ability to draw a specific piece of your design you can simply attach pictures that you find online. Feel free to incorporate creative aspects into your design such as sculptures, arts pieces, a hammock lounge or furniture ideas.

Below are a couple of links to some inspirational earth builds that have happened around the world.

How To Submit Your Designs

  1. Scan your blueprints and sketches or simply take pictures of them with your smart phone.
  2. Put all of your additional pictures and a written description in a folder
  3. Attach all pictures and documents in an email and send to with the subject line, “Earthen Recreational Space Competition”.

The competition will run for the whole month of January, or until we find our winning design. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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