Get involved: New Life Foundation’s 10km ‘Wua Walk’ annual fundraising event on November 25!

cowsHey guys, it’s almost time for our WUA WALK (wua means cow in Thai) – walking, jogging, or running (hopping, or skipping!) 10km to raise money to buy and cover the initial outlay for a dairy cow. Her milk will be used to produce butter, cheese, yoghurt, and maybe even ice cream (!) to help further our goal to create an organic farm that will offer our community nutritious food and become a learning center for all those interested in sharing innovative, large-scale, eco-friendly farming techniques.

The event will be held on the 25th November 2012, close to Loi Krathong, Thailand’s full moon festival, when many Thais float candles on small banana leaf rafts to venerate the Buddha and symbolize the letting go of all one’s resentments, anger, and harmful behaviors (our “unskillful states of mind”), in order to start life anew. This seemed a fitting time of year to raise money for our work to bring healing and mindfulness to those who suffer from addiction, depression, burnout, and stress by providing a unique learning environment based on mindfulness and sustainable living, where residents can learn to nurture and maintain their recovery and cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps them find meaning and purpose in life again.

As you all know, to make recovery accessible to everyone in need, we try to keep our fees to a minimum but to continue working in this way, New Life depends on the generosity of people like you and me. To kick start the Wua Project we sold off parts of our cow in a COW NOW fundraising drive at our most recent retreat ( and thanks to the generosity of the participants we were able to raise 17,426 Thai Baht in just four days! However, in order to pay for the whole cow as well as a shed, fencing, hay, and any vet’s fees, etc, we need an additional 85,000 Thai Baht (about 2,800 US Dollars).

Our WUA WALK will take place around the lake near our community but, if you feel like getting involved, former volunteers, residents, retreat participants and New Life supporters are welcome to join in by doing your own sponsored walk or run on the same day, wherever you are around the world. Alternatively you can support us by sponsoring friends and family or making a donation through our event page at

With your help we can do this. Perhaps you could give up a few beers for the weekend, or a meal out, and donate what you would have spent to our cause. Especially in Thailand even a small donation can go a long way so please dig deep and give what you can. Every little bit counts!


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