Full Steam Ahead

Sky, PlantOur steam bath has been out of commission for a while but thanks to the generosity of our founder and president, Johan Hansen, it has been fixed and we are now enjoying its healing benefits several times a week.

There are many positive advantages to regular sessions in the steam bath. The warmth and humidity calms and relaxes the muscles and helps relieve joint pains and other injuries. Toxins are released and blood flow is stimulated. It’s great for the skin, lungs, and immune system. Not least, the steam bath is soothing for the mind. After an intense yoga, basketball, or therapy session, there’s nothing like settling back, closing one’s eyes, and allowing the hot vapours envelop us like a cocoon. Many a friendly, quiet conversation at day’s end and twilight’s beginning has been had inside the steam bath. The heat is nicely contrasted with a few laps in the pool afterwards. The simple act of drinking water to replenish our fluids is bliss.

Sometimes it feels great to just meditate whilst inside the room, noticing the slick sensation of water and sweat on our skin, observing the waft of the fresh, aromatic herbs float past our noses and filling our chests, and noting the gushing sound of steam being pumped inside the room and filling up all the corners and crevices. We pay attention to our thoughts during this process: Is it too hot? Can I stay in a little bit longer? Or am I just enjoying this moment?

Thanks again Johan for providing us with this wonderful healing experience.


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