From high-pressure sales to the power of meditation.

KhoKho came from Bangkok to New Life Foundation while working on a research project as part of his thesis for a college degree in sociology.

Kho says he chose to volunteer because of the emphasis on meditation and mindfulness. On previous volunteer jobs, he experienced personal reward and satisfaction in being part of a team working to affect change and hoped to find that here too.

Kho’s mother owns a noodle restaurant. Kho inherited the joy of cooking. Here at New Life, he has been a welcome addition to the cooking crew, but his passion remains helping others discover the power of meditation.

“I went to temple all my life,” he says, “but I didn’t really take Buddhism seriously until about 10 years ago. At that time, I was in sales and the pressure of sales—as well as the dishonesty that seemed to accompany it—caused great suffering.”

Meditation helped Kho not only ease his suffering, but was instrumental in helping him make the ultimate decision to change the course of his life. He quit his job and went back to school. His mission now is to spread the word that meditation can help everyone.


  1. I heard about this foundation from Koh. And I think this is great place. I agree with him that mindfulness and meditation is very helpful and that it could ease sufferings of anyone caused by secular problems.

  2. I hope you enjoy your internship there. And I know you will gain some very nice experience for sure.
    Love you, P’Kho. Give it your all!
    N’ Joy

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