Forest Feng Shui: How’s The ‘Qi’ In Our Meditation Hall?

Forest HallWe’re sure our forest meditation hall is full of positive energy – there’s all the goodwill of the volunteers and residents who built it; its gentle-on-the-earth construction methods and materials; as well as the blessings invoked by Venerable Lama Rinchen Phuntsok during the inaugural meditation retreat in the hall. Nevertheless, just to make sure, New Life Foundation volunteer Lindsay performed an official Feng Shui audit.

Lindsay studied classical Feng Shui with a master in Toronto, Canada, and now operates a Feng Shui consulting/design business.

Originating in ancient China, Feng Shui uses the laws of Heaven and  Earth to help improve life by maximizing positive ‘Qi’. Historically, it has been used to orient important buildings on their sites.

Lindsay made her first visit to New Life Foundation before the meditation hall was built.  In fact, she worked on the original team building mud bricks.  At this early stage she was able to make suggestions to enhance the building’s Feng Shui.

Her complete audit follows, as well as an explanation of how she drew her conclusions.

Meditation Hall New Life Foundation: Period 8  180 * South   Wu / Ding S2-3

The Meditation Hall is set in a in a teak forest. The ground is flat and even with no other large buildings or obstructions. The road is dirt and gravel, which meanders in front of the hall with a large open space. Vehicles are not used in this area. There is the odd scooter but most traffic is by sentient beings walking.

To the North, the hall is supported by large mature trees. This is also known as the Black Turtle.

To the East the forest is the same with even-sized mature trees that have large round leaves. There is space between the trees to allow Heaven Qi to flow. The East is also known as the Azure Dragon. To the South the entrance is open and welcoming with no obstructions that block the large double doors. The East is known as the Crimson Phoenix. The West has some buildings, gardens and a shaded seating area. In the distance the area in lined with mature trees. There is access to the main road via a dirt road, however is seldom used. The gardens have just been planted but in time will grow and fill the space nicely. The selection of flora is a combination of flowering bushes, a variety of bamboo, and ground cover. The bamboo walkway to the washroom/ shower building is winding with slight elevation. The West is known as the White Tiger.

The four animals all represent the four cardinal directions. This stems back to the constellations in the Northern hemisphere. What they represent is how a building is situated on a property. If you are looking to build a home the first aspect of Feng Shui is to assess what surrounds the site. How does the environment support the structure? You should see your home as similar to that of a high back chair. It should be strong and have enough height, so you can lean back and be safely supported. On either side there are arm rests, so you can be comfortable and even. At the front you should be able to stretch your legs out with enough space not to be restricted.

The Earth Chart is the first chart that I use to see the lay of the land and the overall flow of the Qi. The Earth chart remains the same the eight cardinal directions are consistent and the Qi that flows.

With the Flying Star or Classical Feng Shui, there is not a center palace in a home or building. I determine the center of the building by using the roof line once that has been established. I use a Lou Pan (compass) to accurately find the exact degree. The Facing direction is established by looking at the structure and deciphering the most active part of the building. (It is not always the front door.)

I then take into account that the structure was built in the current period (Time) With the Flying Star Chart for period 8, I use the Facing number and Sitting number to formulate the Qi; this is the essence of the building–the overall Qi of the structure. I then “fly the stars”, using a set pattern to formulate the combination of Qi in each Cardinal Direction.

This then gives me three numbers; shaped like a “T”. The base is the Time. The top Left hand is the Mountain Star. This Star/ Qi is responsible for Health and Well Being. The top right is the Water Star. This Star/ Qi is responsible for Wealth and Abundance.

The next step is to create balance and harmony within each Palace ( 8 Cardinal Direction) based on the 5 Elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, whilst taking into account the period. This changes every 20 years based on a planetary alignment. Each time Period (Yuan) in Feng Shui lasts for 20 years and, as there are 9 periods, a complete cycle (Yuan) takes 180 years. Period 8 started on Feb 4, 2004 and will last till 2024. So if your house was built after Feb 4, 2004, it is known as a Period 8 house.The ruling Element is Earth. Each of these elements are associated to Qi or Flying Stars. They may have the same Element but can have different Qi (personalities) depending on the period.

Forest HallMy objective as a Classical Feng Shui Practitioner is to use my knowledge and experience to enhance the well being of people in their personal environment, be it work or home. When the corrections have been made and the time it takes to shift the energy has passed, people will then have a connection to their space and a sense of serenity. To achieve good Health and Well Being is my underlying focus. With these things, one can create Wealth and Abundance.

The Meditation Hall Built period 8 Sitting Zi, Gui (N2/3) Facing Wu, Ding (S2/3)   Period 8 188* South

The essence of the building has wood both in Mountain and Water; too much of one thing is not good. The overlying Qi is the noble Earth Element. If the colours and the materials support the Form then harmony is in place. Also the design of the space is completely open, with no separate rooms the Qi can move freely.

The whole building is an open space with no structured walls inside. There are eighteen windows and two doors; the storage room is a solid rectangular room in the North West. The only way Qi can enter a building is through the doors or the windows. The windows are screened with shutters and are open all the time. The over hang from the roof allows the air to flow in and keeps the heavy tropical rain out. When the hall is being used the entrance doors are left open. This enables the Noble Qi to move freely.

Facing South 188*:  The Double Ruling Star, there should be big water, Small Mountain. We have this here as the lake is directly in front of the Meditation Hall.

The North must be well supported by a mountain. The mature trees give good support and in the distance there is a mountain. This location is very good and the building is perfectly supported in the environment in which it sits.

South West: The Qi in this palace is good based on the He Tou  (harmony between husband and wife). The Metal Element could be used to enhance well being (Metal enhances Water)  The ceiling lights are the Form of the Metal Element.

West: The star combination in this Place has the same stars but they have a different effect because they work with the Mountain Star Health and Well Being or Water Star Abundance not in an enhancing cycle. The Earth Element could strengthen this, which is all ready in play with the whole building, including the roof line and the support beams as these all represent the Fire Element.

North West: The core of Feng Shui is balance Yin and Yang. This applies in everything. If we have eight cardinal direction four of those will have a star combination that needs some kind of a remedy to pacify the Qi. That is the case within this place. The star combination here usually entails a Chaotic Qi: very difficult to focus and have mental clarity. The remedy is the Sound of Metal. A wind chime made only of Metal (not plastic, wood, glass) must be placed outside the window. It is very important in this place to pacify the Qi. A Calabash is also needed to offset the illness Qi from the 2 Star.

North: The Stars in this palace are all aggressive. Earth Element is needed to bridge Fire and Metal, and Water Element is needed to Bridge Metal and Wood.

The Earth element once again is very strong in this structure. The use of Water, not REAL water is needed here. A black piece of fabric that has a pattern can be placed on the table with Buddha. Keep the window closed behind Buddha. This star combination can also be a fire hazard. Electrical wiring should be checked regularly. When using candles one should be mindful.

North East:  As in the South West/West this palace has the same star combination as North. Electrical wiring should be checked on a regular basis.

East: The sound of Metal is needed here. Another wind chime, the exact same as in the North West would be best to have the same tones. Since energy can only enter a structure through an open door or window the use of this door would be best if it was limited. A Calabash is needed in this palace to weaken the Illness Qi from the 2 Star.

South East: If this star combination was in a separate room, it would be difficult to find an effective remedy. But due to the design and the material that has been used in the whole building. The Element Earth will override and pacify any unsettled Qi.

The most effective way to achieve harmony in a structure that has an open floor plan is to be sure that all elements and the proper forms are present. From now until 2024 the ruling Element is Earth. To create a retreat center that is made from mud, dirt, sand and rice husks almost is a guarantee to having good Feng Shui. The few remedies that need to be put in place will secure the harmony and strengthen the Qi.

Having had the opportunity to be a part of this structure directly, I am so grateful to be able to use my knowledge and apply the fundamentals of Classical Feng Shui to enhance and support the nature of the building and the intention of the Foundation–to offer a very special and sacred place where people can grown mentally, physically and spiritually.

*Many thanks to our volunteer S for this guest post

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