Festival Time in the Northern Thailand

candle festival lightHere at New Life, we’re gearing up to celebrate the annual Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand, which will fall this year on November 28th. Originally, it was a way to pay respect to the spirits of the waters by releasing a floating (“loy”) a lotus-shaped receptacle (“krathong”) made from banana leaves into the local canal, river or lake. In the north, it coincides with the Yi Peng Festival, when thousands of luminous lanterns will light up the night sky. Traditionally, wishes are made during this time.

Here at New Life, we focus on addressing our traumas, addictions, and stresses of the past and present, in order to look towards a future of peace and recovery. An important part of this is setting a mindful intention in order to guide our efforts at healing and recovery, so that we may benefit others, and ourselves.


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