A New Way: Evgeny’s Journey of Discovery Through Dance

Here at New Life we provide many opportunities for dancing, with sessions on InnerFlow, Dance Mandala and Biodanza to name a few. It was through dance that Evgeny, a resident from Russia, was able to integrate better into the community he initially struggled to because of differences in culture and language.  About three years ago, Evgeny participated in a Journey Dance facilitated by Tammy Hayano, in which he discovered that dance could be a very powerful way to transcend these barriers and start a new journey. This journey led to him deciding to become a facilitator himself.

“I was emotionally rigid and blocked and dance gave me a way to deal with my emotions and express myself. Eventually, I wanted to share this powerful experience with other people.”

And, a powerful experience it is, too! Evgeny likens it to a ‘volcano’, starting slowly and building up to a crescendo. During his sessions, the participants explore different flows and states, starting from being completely relaxed on the floor, then dancing to high-intensity tribal rhythms. At one point during the last dance participants were flying around the room in a state of bliss. The session finishes with soothing music and time spent with your ‘heart’.

He was initially reluctant to facilitate the dances himself because of his lack of confidence in his language ability. However, Karen McMillan, a life coach at New Life, agreed to help Evgeny facilitate his first dance. Alongside, the fantastic support that Tammy gave him, he has grown in confidence and helped many people with his boundless energy and desire to help.

“The journey is even more powerful as the facilitator as I have to generate the energy in the room. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces felt amazing, and helped me get past my fears. It motivated me to do it again. It was completely different from the life I used to live.”

And that life was very different indeed. For over ten years Evgeny was a Corporate Lawyer, having graduated from one of the best Universities in Russia. He got frustrated with the rat race and started using lots of substances. It was at this point that he arrived in Thailand and started exploring spirituality, eventually ordaining as a monk. The next stage of his journey brought him here to New Life, where he has had the opportunity to facilitate several sessions. These sessions have been a massive success, giving Evgeny the opportunity to facilitate dances to people from all over the world.

When Evgeny got on the plane to Thailand three years ago, he could have never imagined he would be facilitating dances in English for people from all over the world. But, I am extremely glad that he did.

And I am not the only one…

“You are doing a great “job” by following your soul’s guidance and sharing this beautiful dance with other human beings.” – Laura, Latvia

“His positive energy is highly contagious! I left the space full of bliss and felt really connected to my heart and the hearts of other.” Thaila, The Netherlands

“Beautiful to see you open like a flower and spread your unique essence.” Samuel, Belgium

“It was an inspiring practice.” Iulia, Russia

by Ashley Griffiths


  1. Waiting for video of dancing! Unfortunately you are very far from us and we can’t take part in your lesson, but Mentally we are with you!

  2. Evgeny, you won’t remember us, but we remember meeting you at NLF. So happy for you that you have reached this new stage in your journey. Stay well. Be happy! Lizanne and Andrew

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