Dropping Her Baggage at ‘New Life’

BuddhaBefore coming to the New Life Foundation Linda, 22, from France, had traveled a lot:  two months in India, which for her was an important spiritual experience, nine months in Russia, and six months in Indonesia, working for environmental and governmental awareness campaigns.

Linda says she felt disconnected, and that she was trying to find herself. An ex-addict, she was still coping with her recovery and always felt scattered.  Linda realized that she was using traveling as a way to escape from herself. She then decided to take time to heal, and  help herself.  It was then that she came to New Life.

While traveling and volunteering, Linda found she was continuing to have a hard time with herself and her addiction. Old issues and destructive patterns kept arising and she became depressed.  She learned about New Life on a help exchange website.  Linda’s strong intuition told her to try it.  She was drawn to the meditation and yoga aspects of the program  as well as to community living.  Coming to New Life was the first time she actually verbalized to another human being about her addiction problems. She then committed herself to her recovery.

Linda’s addiction had been escalating since the age of 14 or 15.  She also had to deal with depression, which had more power behind it. She said,  “it was as if I was trying to swim against the current – willpower was useless. It’s funny how I can have so much willpower for other stuff, but not for this.”

For Linda the New Life resident program was very beneficial – using tools such as yoga, meditation, regular workshops, and community work.  She found the resident program was really enjoyable and useful.

Her favorite part of the resident program was the life coaching.  “It’s very useful,” she says, “as one learns a lot about oneself through the Enneagram tool.”  Linda also utilized the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous at New Life. Linda loves yoga and finds it very nurturing, and she grew to rely on it.  “It’s a way to connect my body and mind, and to get rid of my dark side, and it really brings light to my life.”

When Linda leaves New Life she plans to study and become a Yoga teacher.  She also wants to continue to work the twelve steps of A.A. and to get a sponsor.  The most positive aspects of New Life to Linda is the openness, freedom, and democracy.  She also says, “community living is positive. Everyday, I had a new lesson to learn, and everyone was my teacher. Its good to have an awareness of everything, and to have an objective viewpoint. If I could stay open I could feel stronger because of New Life.

Julie, New Life Resident

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