Self Improvement Strategies: Meditation and Turning Away from ‘Drinking Culture’

Scott, New Life‘Do you fancy a drink?’ is commonly heard in many offices around the world on a Friday evening.

Scott has a story on drinking culture which many of us can relate to. Drinking is a big part of the social culture in Scotland, where everyone drinks no matter what the occasion. Scott had been drinking since the age of thirteen, and it became an inevitable part of his social and private life. Over the years, the more he drank, the higher his alcohol tolerance, so he just kept on drinking more, and more regularly.

Drinking was also a great way to overcome his social anxiety: ‘Social gatherings were so difficult for me that I always drank alcohol beforehand. It relaxed me and gave me more confidence to talk to my friends and meet new people.’  But he didn’t only drink socially. Over the years he became more of a solitary and secret drinker. Still holding down a job and raising a family, he was a classic ‘functional alcoholic’. But over the last few years things started to turn for the worse. The blackouts arrived more and more frequently, as did anxiety, depression and other health problems such as high blood pressure, stomach problems and skin problems. For the first time, his drinking was having a real effect on his marriage and he tried on numerous occasions to quit or cut down but ultimately failed. His friends and family couldn’t really see a problem and would say, “You don’t drink that much! What’s the problem? We drink as much as you!”

The wake-up call came in September, when he and his wife were due to go on holiday. He decided to stay at home to catch up with some work.  Yet, only hours after his wife got on the plane, Scott was already having a drink: ‘I just drank continually for the five days. This was the tipping point when I knew something had to change.’

Self Improvement Strategies: Peace in Meditation

Scott started searching the internet for recovery centres in the UK and Europe but they were all too expensive. Then he stumbled upon New Life Foundation in Thailand and couldn’t believe such an amazing place could be so affordable. He knew as soon as he found it that this was where he had to go and began setting the wheels in motion. Everything started to fall into place and within 2 weeks, he arrived at the Foundation.

At New Life he has been able to find some inner peace and direction through meditation, counselling and many other self improvement strategies that are part of the program here. According to Scott, ‘In the past, drinking was the way to calm down my anxious mind and numb my emotions. Now, meditation is bringing me back to who I am. I’m starting to experience the fullness of life without the need for alcohol. I have a long journey ahead but one that is filled with hope and unlimited possibilities’.

Check out Scott’s website – ZenMindBodyLife

*Thanks to our volunteer E for this special guest post


    1. Thanks Steve, It was great to meet you and share the experience of the Insight Dialogue Retreat. Keep up the great work you do.

  1. Scott:
    Good to hear you break your silence. You have made a right turn in your journey. God speed as you return to your family. Cheers.

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