Dance Mandala Workshop

Dance MandalaDANCEmandala is the brainchild of Areerat Kaewkla who owns the Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai. It uses movement and music to allow people to peel through, and shift, layers of emotion. The ‘Emotion Through Motion’ segment of the course open to the New Life community dealt with identifying emotions and discussing their impact, something the people here are doing each day on their journey here. The new element added to the mix was the motion through free form dance and the music. It was fascinating to put a shape to emotions in the physical body and to see that they could not be held for too long without motion – the natural process for emotions is to shift, to move. We carried out exercises to face emotions such as sadness, joy, and fear. While fear can be quite a daunting thing to look at, the DANCEmandala’s creator, Areerat Kaewkla, guided us through in a light-hearted manner that addressed the issue in a non-threatening way. The New Lifers joined in for the first time on the second day of the course. While we started the morning as two distinct groups, by that afternoon we had bonded deeply and were as one as we shared what turned out to be a profound journey. We experienced, and witnessed, incredible shifts in people as they used the dance to safely and curiously connect with their authentic selves, inner strength and joy. The energy was so special and beautiful – a journey into our bodies, into our emotions and into finding the release at the other side. It was an experience and lesson we will all cherish for a lifetime.


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